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awaytolivewell podcast

Mar 30, 2020

Banasa Williams is the co-founder of one of the best sustainable bathroom brands Ksoni on the market. She is also Yoga, teacher and marketer.


We chat about her journey from starting her professional career in computer science, to taking a yoga teacher training in the Bahamas on the suggestion of a friend.

In an unexpected turn of events she returned to Canada to teach Yoga. She did this for a number of years and has also worked as a marketing manager for some large technology and wellbeing companies.


On one fateful sunny day in 2018 Banasa and Joti Sohi met and they began to formulate the spark that would turn into the company that is working to change the beauty industry through products that are all natural  and use all plastic-free packaging.


She also shares with us how she is navigating this new landscape of business while keeping a balance of staying well mentally and physically.