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awaytolivewell podcast

Feb 10, 2019

Jodie Sarfas is a crisis counsellor, mental health first aider and Founder of Liszen. In May 2018 Jodie left her full time corporate job to pursue her passion for mental wellness and helping others. On today’s show we discuss Liszen, the new social enterprise that facilitates mindful listening sessions where trained listeners facilitate a safe space, free from judgement, assumptions and advice. Sessions start with a guided meditation, bringing the speakers attention to their breath, allowing them to slow down and relax into the safe space where they can truly let go and listen to themselves in a way that is not typically possible in our hectic everyday lives. Liszen’s goal is to enable you to slow down, self-explore, become more self-aware and ultimately grow. Jodie also shares her own personal journey with mental health and what inspired her to want to help others. You can follow and contact her on Instagram @liszen_to_yourself