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awaytolivewell podcast

Feb 1, 2021

Mental health is more than the mind.  In the last 20 years we have begun to uncover more about the science behind the mind body connection than ever before. This connection is one that the ancient Yogi’s, Buddhist meditators and animistic cultures have understood intuitively for thousands of years.


Dr Natalie Bodart, a London based clinical psychologist speaks with us about her work helping others uncover they key to supporting their own mental health and helping them face the tough stuff and get the results that they truly want and deserve.     


Dr. Bodart is the clinical director of the Bodart Practice, she works with a team of  psychologists who believe that you shouldn't be held

back from living life on your terms. They recognise that the key to creating fulfilment is connecting with all aspects of life, not only your mental health.


They create a sense of community and belonging through

therapy, workshops and retreats.


Follow her on:

Instagram: @drnataliebodart